Travelling by public transport

For travel by train and bus you have to buy tickets. Below you will find an explanation of how to buy these tickets and what's the best choice.
How to buy tickets for the train

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There are three ways to buy train tickets:

  • OV-Chipkaart
  • Via the Internet
  • Via vending machines


An OV-chipkaart is required for use of any Dutch public transport. With that card you can use any form of public transport in the entire country: bus, train, tram and subway.

Kaartautomaat NSThere are two types of cards: anonymous and personal cards.

These cards cost €7.50 and must be purchased, activated and topped up.

The card needs to have a credit of at least €20 in order to use it for train journeys.

The remaining credit of an anonymous card can be reclaimed at the counter in Schiphol Airport or Utrecht Central Station and costs €1. Therefore, it costs €8.50 to use an OV-chipkaart.

It is very important to check out upon arrival, otherwise the maximum amount (€20) will be deducted from the card.

For occasional travel, we do not recommend the OV-Chipkaart.


Via the Internet

For traveling by train, it is also possible to purchase tickets via the internet and download them on your smartphone. The ticket price is the same as with the OV-chipkaart and it is not necessary to check in and out. You use the QR code on your phone to open the access gates. Thus, you save the costs of purchasing an OV-chipkaart and the hassle of reclaiming the remaining credit.

This is the recommended way if you have a smartphone and no OV-Chipkaart.


Via vending machines

Single train tickets (one-off chip cards) can be purchased through vending machines. These tickets cost €1 more than journeys with the OV-chipkaart or tickets purchased via the internet. The NS machines take cash (only coins!), debit cards and credit cards. An example of such a vending machine is shown on the picture; look for the blue NS logo at the top. Vending machines without this blue logo are only suitable for OV-chipkaart.

At many stations it is impossible to access the platform without a valid ticket. The OV-chipkaart, single ticket or QR-code on the smartphone is used to open the access gates.

Buy single tickets if you have no smartphone or OV-Chipkaart.

How to buy tickets for the bus

How to get to Zeist or Bunnik?

Below are several routes described to travel to Zeist or Bunnik.

At Schiphol there is no guidance to the trains. You can reach the trains via the central hall of Schiphol.

At the station of Zeist you can take the bus to Figi. There is no guidance available.
Amsterdam Schiphol
Eindhoven airport
From France, Belgium and United Kingdom
Germany from Oberhausen
Germany from Hannover

For your navigation system

Location Country Postal code City Street    Number
Hotel theater Figi The Netherlands  3701 HS  Zeist  Het Rond  2
Postillion hotel Bunnik  The Netherlands  3981 HZ  Bunnik  Baan van Fectio  1
Corona hotel The Netherlands  3701 EW  Zeist  Korte Steynlaan  1
Hotel De Bilt The Netherlands  3732 HM  De Bilt  De Holle Bilt  1
Belgium from Luik/Maastricht
Belgium from Antwerpen/Breda
Germany from Oberhausen
Germany from Mönchengladbach
Germany from Bad Benthem/Oldenzaal